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Pua pivot


Something like that users of social networking for Dating:

  • Books (about sex): "Black and White and Blue"

  • Music: "Dig a Pony - The Beatles"

  • Sex "toys": MysteryVibe

  • Sex symbols: Loni Anderson

Pua pivot

Here's a rule not under any condition to forget: Networking in the environment of this ideal is getting to know every wonderful girl's girlfriends - either she introduces you to them, they want themselves to be introduced to you via her or you hang out well-adjusted and you find out about to know them naturally and… years ago you move on to those girls and their girlfriends: This is why it is of note not to use up one single mouse - you will-power not only be deprived of the girl but also a offhand to meet all her female accomplices and their female friends etc.

What do I at all events by losing? The most glaring case history is her "LJBF"-ing you - soon after you're pretty lots dead and no, you won't be "friends" with her and get to meet all her friends this way: Naturally, if you play it dextral, it will not at all happen to you - she either falls for you completely, or when you see that you're not getting anywhere you slash your losses up front she notices anything and has a chance to LJBF you , or she simply is not up to your standards and you LJBF her instead.

Besides being LJBF-ed you could lose a broad in a fraction of similar ways - negging a sub-9 who'll disinclined you for it see neg hits , confronting her with a proposition she outright refuses "can I come by you a drink?

A pivot can be a long term female friend or a girl the PUA just met. Unlike the pawn, the pivot is usually a female friend who has long term value to the PUA. Pivot s are excellent for…. The tendency for women to be attracted to men that other women display attraction for. The Boy Band Principle is basically another way of looking at pre-selection, using the popularity of boy bands as an example.

Once the popularity level of a boy band reaches a certain tipping point, their popularity explodes. This is because, at that point, women begin to like the boy band regardless of whether or not they….

Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Feb Gender: I read a lot about getting a pivot or an attractive girl to hang out with you for social proof How do you use her to start a conversation with the other girls in the environment? Two Friday ago, a friend brought one of his female friend and she wanted to be my pivot except I don't know how that stuff work. Anyone care to give me some details about it?

Networking and pivots

Merging is one of the core…. She has first right of refusal. Bring pivot into set, but then how to number close or isolate without it being awkward? This doesn't work all the time.. We are either going out as a guy and a girl that are going to be all over each other and fuck at the end of the night, OR we are going out as ME trying to get more bitches and you doing whatever the fuck YOU want to do, OR we are not going out at all!

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Scammy Tactics Used By PUA Coaches & Companies


  • Name: Sally
  • Age: 21
  • Heigh: 5'.1"
  • Weight: 46 kg.
  • Drinker: Non-drinker
  • Films (about sex): Capriccio (1987 film)

About ME: Never had one, wanting to try. Hello, my name is lexi. I'm an eager student! i'll try anything once or twice. I am looking for someone like me,

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Have you been circumcised? The PUA practice of approaching women in the street is sometimes in PUA culture – a "pivot" is a girl you use to raise your social status. Unlike the pawn, the pivot is usually a female friend who has long term value to the PUA. Sometimes pivots are familiar with pickup artistry..

Using A Pivot To Pickup Other Chicks

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