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Eharmony christian based


Did you know that behind those eHarmony commercials that are hosted by their avuncular, relentlessly upbeat founder -- and that promise a lifetime of soul mate bliss -- is a company run by someone with an unabashed religious and social mission?

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A company that by its own admission has rejected over a million people for reasons that range from not being "happy enough" on a happy-meter they handily provide to being divorced too many times, to being gay. Neil Clark Warren, the evangelical-Christian-turned-entrepreneur who started eHarmony by leveraging the distribution power of Eharmony christian based Dobson's media network and his "Focus on the Family" organization, has been very Eharmony christian based about what he wants to accomplish, despite the recent and expedient secularization of his brand.

Actually, eHarmony isn't just a brand; it's an ideological vessel, a brandologue.

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As the first line of its Wikipedia entry states, "eHarmony is a Christian-founded, marriage-oriented Eharmony christian based website. And I would defend their right to say it in a Voltaire-lite fashion, meaning I'm not so sure about the "to the death" part.

But it's also equally legitimate for a competitor to call eHarmony out on its agenda, to shine a light onto who they are and what they believe so consumers can make informed choices, and to trigger a healthy debate over what constitutes a productive and healthy relationship, straight or gay. And that's just "Eharmony christian based" happening. This week, our agency launched an advertising campaign for our client Chemistry.

There are TV commercials and print ads that challenge eHarmony's agenda and restrictiveness, and that invite women and men who are seeking a relationship on their own terms to join Chemistry. You can view them on YouTube. The campaign continues on the Chemistry. This debate is long overdue. We are in era of full transparency.

Consumers are rightly making brand choices on an expanded spectrum of factors, including where a company stands on issues they care deeply about -- whether that be global warming, child labor practices, partner rights for employees or a host of other public policy matters.

You don't leave your values and passions behind when you're in the checkout aisle. Meanwhile, Eharmony christian based of thousands of people have joined eHarmony, and paid them dutifully each month, without knowing where eHarmony stands and what it believes.

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Not surprisingly, eHarmony has been clever enough to recognize that increasingly, consumers are putting their choices under a microscope. So as the company grew into a mass consumer brand, they began keep their agenda quiet and cut any ties that could restrict their growth. But it seems to me that Warren, seduced by Mammon in the archetypal faith vs.

Here's an extended quote from a USA Today article: And while it's no secret, the Web site doesn't "Eharmony christian based" it up, either. Eharmony christian based part of that effort, Warren is trying to Eharmony christian based himself from Focus on the Family and its founder James Dobson, a longtime friend.

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Because people do recognize them as occupying a very precise political position in this society and a very precise spiritual position. Their emphasis on "compatibility" and their "compatibility" profile that leads to people getting matched on what's called homogamy or sameness are all part of their philosophical approach: It believes that there are many remarkable and rewarding relationships based on complementarily, Eharmony christian based they've put together a matching system that's based on the work of the biological anthropologist Dr.

I believe that what Chemistry. As an example, the popular Mac vs. PC spots still operate in the world of comparative functionality, but what we've done with Chemistry. It recognizes that consumers want to know more, and it respects Eharmony christian based honors those demands.

So whether it's investments in Sudan, hiring child labor, or trying to advance a not-fully-disclosed faith-based social agenda through bouncy TV commercials, there are two simple and scary words for marketers today: Do you have information you want to share with HuffPost? Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Elections HQ Senate 35 Eharmony christian based. Go to mobile site.

Many Christians choose eharmony over other Christian sites like Christian Café or Eharmony christian based Well because of the numbers. eharmony is one of the leading online. “Warren started out marketing primarily to Christian sites, touting eHarmony as “ based on the Christian principles of Focus on the Family author.

So here's the rub: Any question about eHarmony or online dating is not a It would be foolish to Eharmony christian based eHarmony over the counsel of Christian.

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