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How to kiss a breast of woman

xXx Images How to kiss a breast of woman.

I asked my wife what she likes best.

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Luckily I'm doing a goodjob Light kiss … es around the sides of thebreasts and gently licking the nipples with slow licks. And,most importantly, once you get started, listen to her audible cluesas to what she likes.

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Another great way to not only please yourlovers' erogenous zones as well as her heart - ask her what shewants you to do. Nipples are for suckling. What they are made for,and it's what they enjoy. Slowly circle around the nipple, then play with it by slowlydangling your tongue on the tip of it, then stop licking and moveto her mouth, french it while How to kiss a breast of woman rolling your hands over herbreasts cupping them, then if her shirt is off move your way downher stomach and lick her belly button then if she's ready slowlystick your hand down her pants and passionately pull the rest down.

Start at her mouth, stick you toungue in and see what you can find. Then slowly pull away and move your hands from her butt to herbreasts. Move your fingers to nipples and gently push, smilemischeviously and work your hands down to her vagina as you moveyour mouth in to her nipple, as your mouth is about an inch awayfrom her nipple shift your head to the side of her breast and kissboth breasts lightly.