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Chlorine 36 hookup of very old groundwater


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Chlorine (36Cl) is an isotope...

The 36 Cl used for this purpose is produced in the atmosphere through the interaction of cosmic rays with argon atoms. The 36 Cl then mixes with ordinary atmospheric chloride mostly derived from the ocean.

The minimum treatment requirement for...

The mixture is deposited on the land surface dissolved in rain or snow or as dry aerosols. Chloride is conservative in the subsurface and, thus, the 36 Cl is rarely retarded with respect to the water velocity by adsorption or geochemical reactions.

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Groundwater age can be estimated using the radiometric decay equation and the decrease in 36 Cl from the amount in the recharge water. The main complication is variations in the Cl concentration of groundwater. This can potentially be due to variable evapotranspiration during recharge or to the Chlorine 36 hookup of very old groundwater of Cl in the aquifer.

The minimum treatment requirement for...

If the cause of Cl concentration variations is understood, the age calculation can be corrected to account for the process. Chlorine dating is generally applicable to water in the age range ka—1 Ma. Publication Year Publication Year. Reference Number Reference Number. Related Record Related Record.

36 production rates in terrestrial...

Get permanent URL for this record. Please provide a name for this query: Close Go to Workspace. test holes 1 Chlorine 36 hookup of very old groundwater 2 and wells Rl and 36M1 in the Wawona area . 9. Bromide to chloride ratio as a function of chloride concentration in ground water and mean bromide to Diagram showing conceptual model of ground-water flow in the Biledo Meadow area.

(Qpt), the oldest of these deposits (fig.

Chlorine has been widely used...

2). Alluvial. The minimum treatment requirement for most “true” ground water sources is the associated oxidation, may necessitate the need to install filtration Page groundwater sources, water quality and water testing options, and well maintenance issues .

the Colorado River and holds the oldest water rights on the river.

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